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Tis the season for Christmas decorating that I really meant to do two weeks ago! It was one of those Decembers that has blown by, with lots of holiday goodness, but I've neglected putting up our tree. 

Given that many of the tree lots are a bit sparse by now, I jumped on Pinterest to find some alternative DIY Christmas trees. These ideas for simple, but beautiful table-top trees are lovely, and would look great in our living room. And we still have a spare side wall in our den that we be the perfect spot for a twinkling light tree.

We have an old wooden ladder that we still use to replace lightbulbs and the like, so I can't permanently use it for a DIY project (yet), but I could absolutely put to use for a while as a festive tree. We also have more books than any one couple who moves frequently has any right to own. I love the idea of a book tree!

These are fantastic modern christmas trees, both done with artificial trees that are still available on two-day shipping (whoot). I probably don't have the holiday hutzpah endurance to tackle the ombre tree this year, but it's gorgeous! I love the white pre-lit tree with a touch of rock n' roll glam- nothing a trip to the discount store and a can of gold spray paint couldn't do!

What do you think? What does your tree look like this year?

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I've been spending a lot time lately thinking about what my "home style" is. I love the process of making a house a home. Since we work for ourselves, we spend a lot of time in our space, and I want it to feel inspiring, cozy, and authentically like us. 

After looking at the pictures I collected, I can definitely see themes. I love spaces that are bright. I'm drawn to interesting textiles, rooms with plenty of plants, a mix of fun textures, and lots of globally inspired art elements. I love industrial spaces, because of how open and artistic they feel. I also like southwestern spaces that have more of a modern lightness to them. I think if I had to describe my style in a few words, I would say light and bohemian, crossed with global industrial. 

How about you? If you had to describe your style in a few words, what would it be?


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 So not to echo every other woman in her twenties and thirties who has written anything on the Internet over the last week but... OMG GILMORE GIRLS!

New Gilmore Girls? I am thrilled to be a cliché here. You can't kill this excitement. I'm watching it enough that Netflix has stopped recommending any other shows for my profile, and I've been using this playlist for just about every occasion. In honor of the best news ever, here's a list of 10 gifts for every GG fangirl.

Also, spoiler alert; certain people, scroll ahead knowing that your Christmas gift is more than likely coming off this list. You know who you are. If you want to be surprised, you have been warned.


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Last week was just one of those weeks. You know, the week where things won't quite come together, where everything is running just enough behind to be a problem, where your head isn't in the game and you don't why. It was one of those.

Which meant today was one of those days when I needed to sit, quietly be, and recalibrate before pushing on through. I wanted to reframe the challenges I was looking at, and I was thinking about our manifesto statement, "Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure." How I look at things influences my reality, or at least how I move through my reality.

What ordeal-turned-adventure am I facing (or smack dab in the middle of) this week? How can I replace my current, negative inner dialogue about it with a new truth? 

Cheers to this adventurous week!

Original image via Doug Fike and Worldview Photography.


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Teal Glaze / Lipstick Print / Like A Boss / Landscape Set / Mustard Pottery / Camera Patent / Gilmore Girls / Rich Blue

I am always on the hunt for the perfect coffee mug. Ceramics are some of Charlene, Janelle and my favorite things to hunt down when we travel. Almost anywhere you visit, you can find a market or an art gallery with unique pottery that is a reflection of that particular culture. And beautiful, interesting ceramics are a very gentlewoman adventurer kind of way to add some depth and story to your space. Of course, ceramics aren't the lightest souvenirs to pick up, so we also almost always end up finding a local post office to do some creatively-packed international shipping. Good times.

I'm loving these mugs right now. The rolly-polly mustard one looks like it would fit perfectly in your hand, and I also love the Gilmore Girls mug, because (naturally) who wouldn't? (has anyone else been binge watching GG now that it's on Netflix??) 

What do you look for in the perfect coffee mug?