Kilometer 66


Mindy FikeComment
/ven(t)SHerer/ noun (archaic)
One who embarks. One who dares to enter or to go. A person who takes a risk, who takes action, or who presumes.

The Kilometer 66 women is a venturer. She is all about the adventure, but can also shoulder the work. She doesn't take herself too seriously, but values growth and depth of character in everyone she finds them in. She knows that serendipity is a real thing, and that it only happens when you get yourself moving and looking for opportunities . She has stories that only happened because she took the road as far as she could. She wonders about life, and learns and distills lessons from her experiences. She would rather try and fail, than do nothing and succeed.

We're creating this brand and living out this vision because there are a lot of other Venturers out there whom we admire, and we can't wait to connect with them. So glad we can start sharing this journey with you!

Here's to all the venturers!