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We love hearing Charlene tell the story of "The Hunt for the Jamon." On her most recent visit to Spain, she and husband Doug devoted a day to a quest they had dreamed about for years- to find the birthplace of the country's finest jamon serrano. The world-famous cured ham from the high "sierras" (mountain ridges) is dried is the clear mountain of the country's highest village (1,476 meters).


They had heard that the devoted must make the trek through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, south of Granada to Trevelez, a village of just 800 inhabitants. A pilgrimage site for hardy ham aficionados, Trevelez is tucked in a deep ravine at the end of a very twisty road. Ham shops and tasting rooms invite visitors to sample bites of the community's proud heritage. Colorful banners and slogans proclaim this hill town's ham hegemony, enlivening its traditional white walls against the backdrop of towering mountain vistas. 

Way off the beaten path, the rumor was that one just had to look for the "jamon" sign." "Oh you can't miss it," locals say pointing vaguely over that way. "Just look for the jamon sign." Over another hill, around another corner, after a wrong turn or two, "Jamon serano? It's just a ways that way. Look for the jamon sign." Charlene and Doug dutifully followed each cheerfully given and loosely-gestured direction, up one street and down another, spending an entire afternoon exploring the tiny town of Trevelez. Until, lo and behold, they spotted... the Jamon Sign.

And Charlene and Doug both said the search was worth every minute. We all have plans now to return to Trevelez and have a least one meal of the "heavenly good" jamon serano.


Our Trevelez Scarf is a photo of that elusive "jamon sign." It's one our favorites to wear draped with a day dress, or with jeans and heels, because the text adds a unique element.The contrast of colors makes it particularly striking when you twist it up into a loop!

All travel photos and photographer notes by Doug Fike of Worldview Photography