Kilometer 66

Join us in pealing back the 't'

Charlene FikeComment


We decided awhile back to peel off the 't' and ask ourselves 'what can we do to make a difference?'


It started years ago working with women weaving co-op's in Asia and Central America...

Now our vision has morphed from these roots to the specific goal of training 1000 women here in the US.  

We are… ready to make a change.
We are… a small organization with a big dream.
We are.... fascinated with idea that the global marketplace can provide jobs for women here at home.
We are.... pulling women together with beautiful products and unifying ideas.
We are…. done with the idea that we can’t make a difference.
We are…. global citizens that want to empower women here at home.

Join us in helping ladies in the DC area change their lives.