Kilometer 66

Glen Canyon

Mindy FikeComment

This scarf was the surprise hit! The combination of vintage-map aesthetic and it's unexpected acid-pink color makes Glen Canyon a truly unique piece.

This photo was taken on a plane, en route to elsewhere. While most people dozed or napped waiting to get to their real destination, this scenery passed below largely unnoticed.


The flight from Dallas to Sacramento angled northwest, chasing the sweet light toward the setting sun. Tangled expressways gave way to gleaming waterways writhing into the prairie. Patchwork quilts of irrigated farmlands blanketed N Texas and New Mexico, morphing into an alien landscape studded with crop circles and pie charts. 


I was transfixed by the shifting kaleidoscope of hues and patterns, shapes and textures being endlessly transformed by the sun’s stolid retreat. At first the folks in the seats around me feigned indifference. After a while the steady click of the camera shutter drove some to cast furtive glances out the window. A child and mom in the seats behind gawked openly, vainly trying to figure out what the strange man could possibly be seeing.


Southern Utah’s rust-colored mesas yielded begrudgingly to Glen Canyon’s fiery waterways. I forced myself to stop and read some inane document … then snuck another peek. Just in time to capture molten gold spreading over the face of Lake Tahoe, and hold my breath as we chased the sun over the Sierra’s ragged peaks. 


Finally we winged our way into California’s fertile central valley, cruising over golden fields of winter crops. Cross-hatches and sculpted patterns shimmered and leapt from the earth - glowing zentangles on some giant’s prized doodle pad. 


Just before our descent I stood to stretch, glancing down rows of fellow window-sitters. Most snoozed or stared blankly, shades drawn, protecting themselves from the sun’s intrusive glare. Looking into the light can be so … tiring.

- Doug Fike, Photographer (all travel photos courtesy of Doug Fike and Worldview Photography)