Kilometer 66


Mindy Fike1 Comment

So it's almost August. Crazypants. Summer has flown by around here. The team's been enjoying outdoor movies and happy hours in DC, road tripping up the NE coast for an authentic clambake, and jetting down to Central America for a month on the islands of Panama and an adventure through Costa Rica. Through all this we've been scheming and dreaming up the next additions to the Kilometer 66 shop, and finding some artists and pieces we know you ladies will love. They represent some of our favorite Gentlewomen Adventurer finds. Sign up for the mailing list and stay tuned, because we'll be announcing more in September!

Even as busy as it's been, however, I've had time for some of the summertime classics that always make me feel bright, sunny and the best kind of nostalgic. But with August upon us, I realized there's a few things I want to do before Labor Day arrives and signals the end of summer. Me being me, I had to make a list, and I thought it would be fun to share.

My End of Summer Bucket List

  1. Go camping, somewhere were you can't hear the city and can really see the stars.
  2. Have an epic summer picnic, potluck style.
  3. Try at least a few popsicle recipes. Especially these. And these.
  4. Have a garden party with my girlfriends with bubbly summer sangria.
  5. Visit a new town near home and try their farmer's market.
  6. Try a new art medium. I've been dancing around the fringes of the weaving trend, and I've always wanted to play with watercolors.
  7. Plant an indoor cactus garden. They're cute and hardy (in other words, my kind of plants).

What are you ladies are doing with the rest of your summer months? Any adventures planned? Summer really is a happy season, and I hope yours has been filled with sunshine and friends!