Kilometer 66


Mindy FikeComment

The photo on our Termini scarf was a happy accident. This ethereal moment transpired while attempting to capture the image of a moving train on a subway platform in Rome. 

The original photo was unexpected enough, but what we really didn't see coming was how versatile this scarf would become with every fold and twist. We love wearing this one with a black shirt or dress to really make the colors pop.

The photographer shares the story of the Termini shot below...

We were transferring trains in Termini station, the hub of Rome’s notoriously crowded metro. Charlene ran ahead with friends we were hosting for a few days in one of our favorite cities. A seasoned urban trekker, she had appropriately shifted into her no-nonsense mode - navigating the crowd, scanning for pickpockets, zooming in on the quickest route from (line) A to B.

I of course was transfixed by the metro system’s equally infamous graffiti-clad rail cars. Like Lot’s wife in Zoar, I looked back … and froze in my tracks. Just. A. Few. Shots.... 

Mesmerized, I instinctively fired off a couple of dozen frames, then tore myself away. But not soon enough to escape some deserved ire for the stress caused to the others by disappearing in the crush in a rather untimely fashion.

A couple of years later we all agreed the pain was worth it when the image of travelers sharing a quiet moment in the midst of the madness emerged as a prizewinner in a juried exhibition back in Virginia.

Sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

— Photographers notes and photos by Doug Fike of Worldview Photography