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While I'm a firm believer that boots can and should be worn year-round, one of my favorite parts of fall is the advent of booties. 

I'd like to argue that booties are the perfect shoe. All of the comfort of boots without the stifling warmth, all the style of heels without the foot pain, and all the practicality of walking shoes with a a little extra ooh la la.

I already have my eye on a new pair or two of booties for the fall season. Since I already have a few (plus or minus... well, more than a few) loved pairs of black booties, I'm on the hunt for some grey, brown or taupe styles that feel a little softer and more playful. I'm also loving the idea of a classic pair in an unexpected, rich color. 

Since my shoe budget is quite modest, these are a few of my favorite pairs of booties for fall, all under $100. What shoes have you been on the hunt for?