Kilometer 66


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Greetings, venturers! This is the first post in a series that marries two of our greatest loves - travel and style. We thought it would be fun to pick some of our favorite cities, and put together a few outfits we would wear exploring and trekking around.

Our first "Three Outfits To Wear in" post is all about Prague. I loved visiting Prague- it was like a fairytale city, but better, because of the fascinating history. The outfits are a little romantic and little whimsical, perfect for a city that is famous for its castle, enchanting old town, picturesque bridges and panoramic river views. We only had a few days there on our last adventure, but I'm looking forward to going back, and of course, packing some outfits for the occasion!

All the items are“carry-on wardrobe” friendly, in that they are all pieces that would work in a  well-curated suitcase. For example, I usually bring one larger bag, and one small crossbody  purse on a long trip. I also always pack by the Rule of Threes: only three paris of shoes, period. They take up a lot of space in a bag, so if you choose carefully you can easily get away with three pairs that cover  almost every outfit and situation. 

I'd definitely pack the Seville scarf to go with these outfits. It works with almost every color palette because of the mix of camel and black.


What's the next city you're packing (or dreaming of packing) for?