Kilometer 66


Mindy Fike2 Comments

Teal Glaze / Lipstick Print / Like A Boss / Landscape Set / Mustard Pottery / Camera Patent / Gilmore Girls / Rich Blue

I am always on the hunt for the perfect coffee mug. Ceramics are some of Charlene, Janelle and my favorite things to hunt down when we travel. Almost anywhere you visit, you can find a market or an art gallery with unique pottery that is a reflection of that particular culture. And beautiful, interesting ceramics are a very gentlewoman adventurer kind of way to add some depth and story to your space. Of course, ceramics aren't the lightest souvenirs to pick up, so we also almost always end up finding a local post office to do some creatively-packed international shipping. Good times.

I'm loving these mugs right now. The rolly-polly mustard one looks like it would fit perfectly in your hand, and I also love the Gilmore Girls mug, because (naturally) who wouldn't? (has anyone else been binge watching GG now that it's on Netflix??) 

What do you look for in the perfect coffee mug?