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Greetings ladies! Hope you are having a fantastic week and tackling everything in your path. What is your adventure this week? What dream do you want to turn into a goal? Is it work related, or travel, or personal? 

Take time to smile, take a deep breath and take encouragement. Now go get 'em!


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I used to hate pink. I'm not exactly sure what incident or influence in my childhood determined that pink was no good, but I never liked it. Flash forward to last year, as those gorgeous roses and blushes were showing up in stores. All of sudden, my wardrobe updates were warm pinks and I was in love. There is something so confident and feminine about a sophisticated pink. I'm now making up for lost time and loving these colors!

This photo is from Venice, taken in the golden light. It captures one of the graceful old homes reflected in the canal. The palette is wine, rose and blush with some teal, mustard and purplish grey thrown in for fun. What do you think?

Image by Doug Fike of Worldview Photography


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Happy Friday lovelies! We are buzzing from a busy but fun week and have exciting news: Kilometer 66 is today's Featured Maker on BRIKA. Some of our best-selling scarf styles are available there, at a great price.

BRIKA is one of our favorite online boutiques. Their tagline is "A well-crafted life," which we love as much as their engaging layout. Their vision is create a marketplace for makers of unique items, and to tell these makers' stories. And we are all about the stories that go into the creation of beautiful things.

If you haven't already checked out BRIKA, definitely make time for a good cup of tea and virtual window shopping soon. Random trivia; in French, the phrase for window shopping, faire du lèche-vitrines, actually translates to "window licking." How great is that? Not necessary useful, but fun nonetheless!

Cheers to your wonderful weekend!


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It's another surprising hot September day. Warm weather in early fall always gets me itching to go visit the beach one last time (I know, I'm dramatic about my beach time. But I'm so not a winter girl). These are some things I'm currently loving that are inspired by, or remind me of, lazy final days at the shore. Enjoy!


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This photograph is from Krakow. Janelle, Charlene and I were on a city adventure day, and had ventured across the river from our apartment near the train station to an area our host said had amazing galleries and artist collectives. We had a fantastic day wandering shops, browsing a gallery or two and finding some excellent wine bars. But the best part of the day, for me, was the summer carnival that had set up next to the river. I love that laugh kids have when they are riding carnival rides- it's so real and it always makes me smile, too. Today's Venturer Quote is a reminder that you have to start an adventure to make the memories, like our unexpected afternoon at a Polish summer fair. 

Have a lovely Labor Day weekend ladies!